Hello everyone,

In this entire video series we are going to learn how to make a web application that involves Create, Read, Update and Display (CRUD) operations.

The entire video series contains practical sessions and not theoretical sessions. I tried to cover each and every concept in detail, starting from creating a project to ending up with running the project on a local machine.

In this complete video series, we will learn a lot of things like how to configure Spring and Hibernate, How to use annotations, how to use Spring tags and much more.

So, let’s get started,

Part 1 – Project Introduction

Part 2 – Configuring web.xml

Part 3 – Setting up the database

Part 4 – Spring and Hibernate Configuration

Part 5 – Creating index.jsp and testing application

Part 6 – Creating Student entity class and designing AddStudent.jsp

Part 7 – Writing code for controller part

Part 8 – Storing the values to a DB

Part 9 – 01 – Display the Records in ListStudents.jsp

Part 9 – 02 – Display the Records in ListStudents.jsp

Part 10 – Creating Update and Delete Link

Part 11 – 01 – Update the Student Record

Part 11 – 02 – Update the Student Record

Part 12 – Delete the Student Record

Part 13 – Fixing some of the issues